The Cybershield Difference

Use Sentry to alert employees before they mistakenly act on deceptive emails

Cybershield’s flagship product, Sentry, prevents forgery of both internal employee email and external branded email. By using Sentry, users are trained to spot signs of phishing attempts they and their organisation receive.

The platform does not interfere in mail delivery, eliminating lost emails, outages, and delays common to gateway email security solutions.

Sentry helps companies as it detects technical exploits  and social engineering exploits designed to target people. 

This early alert helps solve the educational challenge of stopping employees clicking on malicious links, opening unknown attachments or following instructions.

With this real time detection in place cyber breaches can be dramatically reduced and companies can be safer from business disruption, financial loss, and reputational damage than ever before.

Sentry gives employees their own cyber security expert to bolster defences and reduce the risk of becoming a victim to phising and spear phishing attacks.

Cybershield is part of the latest GCHQ/Wayra accelerator