Stop employees opening phishing emails

Cybershield stops phishing attacks and alerts employees before they mistakenly act on deceptive emails

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Introducing “Sentry” the next

generation of

AI based phishing detection

Sentry acts like a cybersecurity expert sitting next to you, analyzing your email. You subject header will change to green amber or red depending on the threat. Click the info bar and a side panel displays Sentry’s analysis. You will see prominent warnings for suspicious emails with specific guidance about what is misleading, dangerous, or potentially fraudulent about the email. This breaks the emotive state of your employees preventing social engineering and additionally trains your staff to be aware of email threats coming into your organisation. 


Sentry looks at over 120 data points within the email to detect signs of phishing


User interface is intutive, simple to use, and informative requiring little to no training 


Sentry learns how your company uses email to better protect you from phishing and spear phishing attacks

Only three percent of targeted users report malicious emails to management

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Cyber attacks started by email


Employees who will open a phishing email


Businesses who have suffered a phishing attack

Protecting Your Organisation

Cybershield’s Sentry detects phishing directly from within the email using AI based algorithms

Sentry scans every email and looks at over 120 key indicators of phishing and spear phishing.

Not only does this give Sentry great detection metrics this also allows it to detect new and targeted phishing attacks.


Cybershield is part of the 2017 GCHQ/Wayra accelerator for cyber security companies